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Their Pussy Told The Truth

From time to time you have a chick come in who is either so cool about the situation that they have no intention of letting you know that they are turned on OR you have the chick who feigns disinterest. I suspect the reason for both defense mechanisms is generally the same. Shyness. It comes in lots of different forms but once you reduce it down to its bare element, S1, it can be eradicated if you know how to go about it.


Take Scarlet for example. A military girl inside and out. Didn’t act like she enjoyed one damn thing about her experience. In fact, when I queried her about how it felt she was like, “I can take it or leave it”.

Leaking Fluids

Well, I guess your pussy has a mind of its own. Clearly it likes it. I see your leaking some milky white fluid from that cunt. In fact, there was so much of it that a little pile collected beneath her on the floor.


And then you have someone like Mia. She came in as a Good Girl. Her pussy was fragrant and noticeable the entire time. As I tie her up I’m thinking to myself, her pussy is so obviously in need of this, why doesn’t she just come in as a Bad Girl instead? Then I look up and see her BF.

Getting What She Needs

A couple of weeks later, after she dumped that BF, she asked to come in as a Bad Girl.


Reyja comes to mind because her scent permeated the shoot room for two days after she left. And ironically, she had a hard time cumming.

Wiped Out

Or when something like this happens, there is just no denying she was moved by the experience. To this day she still says it was her most intense shoot ever. I seem to recall she told me she chipped a tooth.

Whose Tits Are They Anyway?

I have another little challenge for you today. In the same spirit as the post titled Whose Pussy Is It Anyway? I’m going to show you a series of breasts and I want you to try and guess which ITA girl they belong too. Answers are at the end of the picture set:

Exhibit AExhibit A

Exhibit BExhibit B

Exhibit CExhibit C

Exhibit DExhibit D

Exhibit EExhibit E

Exhibit FExhibit F

Exhibit GExhibit G

Exhibit HExhibit H

Exhibit IExhibit I

Exhibit JExhibit J

Exhibit KExhibit K

Exhibit LExhibit L

Exhibit MExhibit M

Exhibit NExhibit N

Exhibit OExhibit O

Exhibit PExhibit P

Exhibit QExhibit Q

Exhibit RExhibit R

Exhibit SExhibit S

A: Kimber, B: Jessica, C: Isadora, D: Goldie, E: Emily, F: Elizabeth, G: Elise, H: Echo, I: Chloe, J: Akane, K: Zayda, L: Wednesday, M: Syn, N: Stacia, O: Sara Lee, P: Ryan, Q: Romola, R: Kit, S: Penny

Who’s Pussy Is It Anyway?

I have a little challenge for you today. I’m going to show you a series of vaginas and I want you to try and guess which girl they belong to. Answers are at the end of the picture set:

Pussy #1


Pussy #2

Pussy #3

Pussy #4

Pussy #5

Pussy #6

Pussy #7

Pussy #8

Pussy #9

Pussy #10

Pussy #11

Pussy #12

Pussy #13

Pussy #14

Pussy #15


From the top down:

#1 Zayda

#2 Emily

#3 Kyaa

#4 Romola

#5 Katie

#6 Reyja

#7 Kali

#8 Elizabeth

#9 Magik

#10 Akane

#11 Elise

#12 Willow

#13 Goldie

#14 Syn

#15 Angel


That is precisely the type of girl we want to work with. Here is the ideal:

The “girl-next-door” look. To me that means the innocent looking chick you’ve noticed living next to you, at your workplace or perhaps where you buy coffee. She doesn’t wear allot of makeup or try to draw undue attention to herself. Maybe she has a shy quality about her. She strikes you as wholesome; not necessarily timid or demure or even shy –but just has a pureness to her; a clean look. She’s naturally attractive. She definitely hasn’t had any cosmetic surgery –because for the type of girl I’m thinking of that’d just be to vain. She isn’t even over the top gorgeous. Part of her attraction, her actual beauty is that she doesn’t try to be anything other than herself. She’s always nice and polite and very conscientious –even of herself. You never hear her use bad language, talk negatively of others or even of things in general. Her attire is more often than not mild mannered –nothing to attention grabbing. It fits, it looks good on her, it’s low-key and doesn’t even hint at being overtly sexual.

….I said it was an ideal didn’t I?

Alrighty, now that I have the halo on her let’s take some pot shots at it, shall we?

This ideal, this “girl-next-door” I’ve just described, she has some thoughts, some fantasizes she thinks about. She hasn’t shared them with anyone but she goes to them when she feels sexual. Yes, she does feel sexual. Indeed, she likes her body and looks forward to embellishing her thoughts when she’s alone. And what are those thoughts? She has fantasies of being bound, of being bound up tightly and made to do things. Forced to have an orgasm, or two. Perhaps humiliated in some way that excites her. Maybe she wants to be tied up and forced to suck cock. Or spanked or…..

….so, getting back to those amateurs we like to work with. When I say amateur I mean as close to the ideal “girl-next-door” as possible. She hasn’t ever lived out her fantasy in front of a stranger(s) –if at all. But once she gets up the courage to come in to see us she’s nervous. She might even have hesitated when she pulled into The Attic drive. When I talk to her about what will happen, about her likes and dislikes, she has trouble keeping eye contact.

So, how close to we come to the mark. Not very. I mean really, when you consider the ideal I’ve just described, yeah, not very. BUT, we’ve had many girls who resonate with multiple descriptions I’ve just outlined. Take Goldie for example. She’d never been tied up before but had always fantasized about it. Definitely has a shy quality and doesn’t feel comfortable talking about her sex. Or Angel. Angel certainly has a pretty face and a prissiness to her that conveys an innocence and unspoiled quality about her. Even Jen, who wants to be a titty dancer, comes close. Again, it is that innocence. She called a ball gag a “gag ball”. She wasn’t sure what a nipple clamp was and had never used a vibrator and had never been tied up. Or Kimber. Her voice alone makes you want to take your dick in your hand and jerk off. I mean really. You just want to shoot a wad of cum right off the top of her nose where it ricochets and catches in her eyebrow and then drips down her cheek. Whoa, I got a little carried away there. Then there’s Penny and Reyja. Gosh, Penny may just come as close to the ideal as I’ve described. Quite the wholesome girl. She didn’t even know she sprayed until I forced that out of her. When she left The Attic she scurried away like a frightened jack rabbit –just a little embarrassed. Reyja, wow, perhaps the most beautiful girl we’ve had into The Attic. Uber, uber intoxicating. Yeah, she definitely has the “girl-next-door” look. The one thing that makes Penny still closer to the ideal than Reyja is that Penny really doesn’t think about sex to much –said she didn’t even like to have sex that much. Reyja on the other hand was a kinky little girl on the inside. Sordid really. A major catch for any guy or gal. I think one of my favorite factoids about Reyja was when she told me a perfect evening would be when her and the BF went to dinner and she had a butt plug in al la boyfriend. Nice.

Reyja Wood

Well, we always try our best to bring you true “girl-next-door” amateurs. We try to stay as close to the mark as possible. But let’s face it folks, it isn’t always going to happen. More often than not that ideal is to freaked out to come in and see us. Even girls off the mark somewhat can be to freaked out to come in and see us. So sometimes we actually have to hire a “model” –or at the least a girl who has been tied up before in front of strangers. But it doesn’t happen often as you can see from the site. Come on in and see for yourself.