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Have you ever watched that 1986 release of Platoon directed by Oliver Stone? There are several box covers to that movie but one in particular caught my eye. Only because we recreated it without even knowing it.


Okay, perhaps not an exact recreation but clearly we have enough nuance to make a strong connection. Perhaps it was because I just watched the movie again, but I could not get this image out of my head. The similarities. And not just imagery.

A Damn Good Cock Sucker

The Aftermath

There’s no way on earth anyone could ever accuse this chick of not knowing how to properly service a cock.

Holding Pattern

She’d told me how much she enjoyed it. She had no trouble deep throating and holding it there. Even when there was a lot of other stuff wanting to come up and out her mouth.

Clean Up: Alise 3

And she was good with clean up too. She didn’t have any qualms about licking up and swallowing all of the spit and slobber she produced during that amazing Luther Meet & Greet.


I like it when chicks cry.

Jelly Face

Did I mention she’s a bodybuilder that really dislikes being sticky?